We are pleased to be able to host three excellent workshops on 12 December 2022, all of which will be accessible virtually to be inclusive to participants from all areas, with live-streaming and some in-person activities at the conference venue.

The themes of the workshops also reflect the broad interests of the ACML community, and we have two parallel threads. In one thread, we have the workshop on Weakly Supervised Learning in the morning, and Continual Lifelong Learning in the afternoon. In a parallel session for the whole day, we have Machine Learning for Medical Imaging.

The morning sessions are UTC 04:00-07:30, and the afternoon sessions are UTC 08:30-12:00. Please refer to the specific workshop webpages for more precise schedules. Congratulations and thank you to the organisers of the workshops for their hard work.

More details on each of the workshops are as follows:

1) Machine Learning for Medical Imaging (ML4MI) - Current Trends and Future Roadmap.

Webpage: https://ai4mi.github.io/acml2022-ml4mi-workshop/

Prateek Prasanna, Stony Brook University
Amit Sethi, IIT Bombay
Maria Vakalopoulou, University Paris-Saclay
Dwarikanath Mahapatra, Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence
Pushpak Pati, IBM Research Zurich
Yasmeen George, Monash Unversity

2) Weakly Supervised Learning Workshop.

Webpage: https://wsl-workshop.github.io/acml22.html

Feng Liu, University of Melbourne / RIKEN
Jingfeng Zhang, RIKEN
Nan Lu, The University of Tokyo / RIKEN
Lei Feng, Chongqing University / RIKEN
Tongliang Liu, University of Sydney / RIKEN
Bo Han, Hong Kong Baptist University / RIKEN
Gang Niu, RIKEN
Masashi Sugiyama, RIKEN / The University of Tokyo

3) Workshop on Continual Lifelong Learning.

Webpage: https://continual-lifelong-learners.github.io/

Siddharth Swaroop, Harvard University
Peter Nickl, RIKEN
Khimya Khetarpal, McGill University / Mila
Martin Mundt, TU Darmstadt
Emtiyaz Khan, RIKEN