ACML 2019


The 11th Asian Conference on Machine Learning, Nagoya, Japan

WINC AICHI (Details)
Date: November 17 - 19, 2019

Nagoya Castle Nagoya Station Osu-kannon (Temple)

The 11th Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML 2019) will take place on November 17 - 19, 2019 at WINC AICHI, Nagoya, Japan. The conference aims to provide a leading international forum for researchers in machine learning and related fields to share their new ideas, progress and achievements. Submissions from regions other than the Asia-Pacific are also highly encouraged.

The conference calls for high-quality, original research papers in the theory and practice of machine learning. The conference also solicits proposals focusing on frontier research, new ideas and paradigms in machine learning. ACML has taken place annually since 2009 in locations throughout the Asia-Pacific region. This is the 11th Conference to be held in Nagoya, Japan after previous conferences were held in Beijing, China (2018), Seoul, Korea (2017), Hamilton, New Zealand (2016), Hong Kong, China (2015), Nha Trang, Vietnam (2014), Canberra, Australia (2013), Singapore (2012), Taoyuan, Taiwan (2011), Tokyo, Japan (2010), and Nanjing, China (2009).

We will run two publication tracks this year: Authors may submit either to the conference track, for which the proceedings will be published as a volume of Proceedings of Machine Learning Research (PMLR) series, or to the journal track for which accepted papers will appear in a special issue of the Springer journal Machine Learning.

Important Dates

Deadlines are 23:59 Pacific Time (PST/PDT).

Conference track 1st round (Submission closed)

  • Apr.15, 2019: Submission Deadline
  • May.30, 2019: Notification (Accept, Reject, or Encourage Resubmission to 2nd Round)
  • Sep.30, 2019: Camera-Ready Submission Deadline

Conference track 2nd round (Submission open)

Note: Papers can be newly submitted to conference track 2nd round regardless of the submission to the 1st round.

  • Jul.15, 2019: Submission Deadline
  • Aug.19, 2019 - Aug.24, 2019: Author Rebuttal
  • Sep.03, 2019: Notification (Accept or Reject)
  • Sep.30, 2019: Camera-Ready Submission Deadline

Journal Track (Submission closed)

  • May.03, 2019 (deadline extended): Paper Submission Deadline
  • Jun.15, 2019: Review Result Released (Accept, Minor Revision, or Reject)
  • Jul.15, 2019: Revision Submission Deadline
  • Sep.03, 2019: Notification (Accept or Reject)
  • Sep.30, 2019: Camera-Ready Submission Deadline


  • Jul.20, 2019: Tutorial proposals due
  • Aug.04, 2019: Acceptance notification
  • Oct.20, 2019: Tutorial material/Website due
  • Nov.17, 2019: ACML tutorials


  • Jul.20, 2019: Workshop proposals due
  • Aug.20, 2019: Acceptance notification
  • Oct.20, 2019: Workshop material/website due
  • Nov.17, 2019: ACML workshops


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