Day 1 (Nov.17, Sunday) - Tutorials & Workshops

Registration desk is on the 6th floor (as are the poster sessions and lunches), on a different floor to where the tutorials and workshops are held.

Time Event Place
09:00:  Registration Desk Open 6th Floor
Morning Tutorial & Workshop Sessions
10:00-12:30:  Tutorial 1: Yoshimasa Tsuruoka, Yoshitaka Ushiku
"Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision"
11th Floor Room 1101
10:00-12:30:  Tutorial 2: Ivor W Tsang, Bo Han
"Towards Noisy Supervision: Problems, Theories, and Algorithms"
11th Floor Room 1102
10:00-12:30:  Workshop 1: "Workshop on Machine Learning for Trajectory, Activity, and Behavior" 11th Floor Room 1103
10:00-12:30:  Workshop 2: "ACML2019 RIKEN AIP workshop" 11th Floor Room 1104
12:30-13:30:  Lunch 6th Floor
Afternoon Tutorial & Workshop Sessions
13:30-16:00:  Tutorial 3: Ryo Yoshida, Koji Tsuda
"Machine Learning for Manufacturing"
11th Floor Room 1101
13:30-15:00:  Tutorial 4: Yun-Nung (Vivian) Chen
"Deep Learning for Conversational AI"
11th Floor Room 1102
15:00-16:30:  Tutorial 5: Aleksandr Drozd, Anna Rogers
"Text Representation Learning and Compositional Semantics"
11th Floor Room 1102
13:30-16:00:  Workshop 3: "Weakly-supervised Learning Workshop" 11th Floor Room 1103
13:30-16:00:  Workshop 4: "Workshop on Statistics & Machine Learning Researchers in Japan" 11th Floor Room 1104
16:00-18:00:  Workshop Poster Session & Coffee Break 6th Floor
18:00-20:00:  Welcome Reception 6th Floor

Day 2 (Nov.18, Monday) - Main Conference

The afternoon sessions will be held at a different venue -- Nagoya Nohgakudo, a theater for the Japanese traditional art "Noh".

Time Event Place
08:30:  Registration Desk Open 6th Floor
09:00-11:00:  Session 1 5th Floor Hall 1
09:00-11:00:  Session 2 5th Floor Hall 2
11:00-13:30:  Poster Session & Lunch 6th Floor
13:30-15:00:  Move to Nagoya Nohgakudo (by Bus)
Special Sessions in Nagoya Nohgakudo
15:00-15:50:  Invited Talk: Le Song
"Graph Neural Networks for Representation Learning and Symbolic Reasoning"
Nagoya Nohgakudo
15:50-16:10:  Best Student Paper Talk Nagoya Nohgakudo
16:10-16:30:  Break Nagoya Nohgakudo
16:30-17:20:  Invited Talk: James T. Kwok (Title TBA) Nagoya Nohgakudo
17:20-17:40:  Best Paper Talk Nagoya Nohgakudo
17:40-18:30:  Move to Banquet Venue (10-min walk)
18:30-20:30:  Banquet Hotel Nagoya Castle
20:30-21:00:  Return to Conference Venue (by Bus)

Day 3 (Nov.19, Tuesday) - Main Conference

Time Event Place
08:30:  Registration Desk Open 6th Floor
Invited Talks
09:00-09:50:  Invited Talk: Prateek Jain
"Resource Efficient ML in 2KB of RAM"
2nd Floor "WINC Hall"
09:50-10:40:  Invited Talk: Tatsuya Harada
"Visual Recognition from Limited Supervised Data"
2nd Floor "WINC Hall"
10:40-13:10:  Poster Session & Lunch 6th Floor
13:10-14:50:  Session 3 5th Floor Hall 1
13:10-14:50:  Session 4 5th Floor Hall 2
14:50-15:20:  Coffee Break 6th Floor
15:20-17:00:  Session 5 5th Floor Hall 1
15:20-17:00:  Session 6 5th Floor Hall 2
17:00-17:10:  Closing 5th Floor Hall 1/2