Accepted Papers

Journal Track

Joint Consensus and Diversity for Multi-view Semi-supervised Classification
Wenzhang Zhuge (National Universify of Defense Technology); Chenping Hou (National University of Defense Technology); Shaoliang Peng (Hunan University); Dongyun Yi () [Paper ID: 28]
Skill-based Curiosity for Intrinsically Motivated Reinforcement Learning
Nicolas Bougie (National Institute of Informatics); Ryutaro Ichise (National Institute of informatics) [Paper ID: 150]
Handling Concept Drift via Model Reuse
Peng Zhao (Nanjing University); Le-Wen Cai (Nanjing University); Zhi-Hua Zhou (Nanjing university) [Paper ID: 161]
Rank minimization on tensor ring: An efficient approach for tensor decomposition and completion
Longhao Yuan (Saitama Institute of Technology/RIKEN AIP); Chao Li (RIKEN); jianting cao (Saitama Institute of Technology); Qibin Zhao (RIKEN AIP) [Paper ID: 164]
Communication-Efficient Distributed Multi-Task Learning with Matrix Sparsity Regularization
Qiang Zhou (NTU, Singapore); Yu Chen (Nanyang Technological University); Sinno Pan (NTU, Singapore) [Paper ID: 162]
Few-Shot Learning with Adaptively Initialized Task Optimizer
Han-Jia Ye (Nanjing University); Xiang-Rong Sheng (National Key Laboratory of Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University); De-Chuan Zhan (Nanjing University) [Paper ID: 187]
Gradient Descent Optimizes Over-parameterized Deep ReLU Networks
Difan Zou (University of California, Los Angeles); Yuan Cao (UCLA); Dongruo Zhou (UCLA); Quanquan Gu (University of California, Los Angeles) [Paper ID: 148]
Principled analytic classifier for positive-unlabeled learning via weighted integral probability metric
Yongchan Kwon (Seoul National University); Wonyoung Kim (Seoul National University); Masashi Sugiyama (RIKEN/The University of Tokyo); Myunghee Cho Paik (Seoul National University) [Paper ID: 152]
Multi-Label Optimal Margin Distribution Machine
Zhi-Hao Tan (Nanjing University); Peng Tan (Nanjing University); Yuan Jiang (Nanjing University); Zhi-Hua Zhou (Nanjing university) [Paper ID: 175]

Conference Track

KG-to-Text Generation with Slot-Aware Attention and Position Self-Attention
Yashen Wang (China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology of CETC) [Paper ID: 117]
A Model of Text-Enhanced Knowledge Graph Representation Learning with Mutual Attention
Yashen Wang (China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology of CETC) [Paper ID: 120]
Differentially Private Community Detection in Attributed Social Networks
Tianxi Ji (Case Western Reserve University); Changqing Luo (Virginia Commonwealth University); Yifan Guo (Case Western Reserve University); Jinlong Ji (Case Western Reserve University); Weixian Liao (Towson University); Pan Li (Case Western Reserve University) [Paper ID: 30]
Deep Learning with a Rethinking Structure for Multi-label Classification
Yao-Yuan Yang (National Taiwan University); Yi-An Lin (National Taiwan University ); Hong-Min Chu (National Taiwan University); Hsuan-Tien Lin (National Taiwan University) [Paper ID: 79]
Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Exploiting State-Action Equivalence
Mahsa Asadi (Inria); Mohammad Sadegh Talebi (Inria); Hippolyte Bourel (ENS Rennes); Odalric Maillard (Inria) [Paper ID: 116]
FEARS: a FEature And Representation Selection approach for time series classification
Alexis Bondu (Orange); Dominique Gay (Université de La Réunion); Vincent Lemaire (Orange); Marc Boulle (Orange Labs); Eole Cervenka (Orange) [Paper ID: 213]
Random Projection in Neural Episodic Control
Daichi Nishio (Kanazawa University); Satoshi Yamane (Kanazawa University) [Paper ID: 20]
An Attentive Memory Network Integrated with Aspect Dependency for Document-Level Multi-Aspect Sentiment Classification
Qingxuan Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology); Chongyang Shi (Beijing Institute of Technology) [Paper ID: 223]
Zero-shot Domain Adaptation Based on Attribute Information
Masato Ishii (The University of Tokyo/RIKEN/NEC); Takashi Takenouchi (Future University Hakodate/RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project); Masashi Sugiyama (RIKEN/The University of Tokyo) [Paper ID: 237]
Variational Conditional GAN for Fine-grained Controllable Image Generation
Mingqi Hu (Southeast University); Deyu Zhou (Southeast University); Yulan He (University of Warwick) [Paper ID: 75]
Investigating the effect of novel classes in semi-supervised learning
Yuxuan(Alex) Peng (University of Auckland); Yun Sing Koh (The University of Auckland, New Zealand); Patricia Riddle (University of Auckland, New Zealand); Bernhard Pfahringer (University of Waikato) [Paper ID: 271]
An Encoding Adversarial Network for Anomaly Detection
Elies gherbi (irt-SystemX / Evry University); Blaize Hanczar (University of Evry); Jean-Christophe Janodet (University of Evry); Witold Klaudel (Renault) [Paper ID: 115]
Regularizing Neural Networks via Stochastic Branch Layers
Wonpyo Park (POSTECH); Paul Hongsuck Seo (POSTECH); Bohyung Han (Seoul National University); Minsu Cho (POSTECH) [Paper ID: 277]
Cross Length Transfer for Sentiment Classification
Reinald Kim Amplayo (University of Edinburgh); Seonjae Lim (Yonsei University); Seungwon Hwang (Yonsei University, Korea) [Paper ID: 275]
Real-time tree search with pessimistic scenarios
Takayuki Osogami (IBM Research - Tokyo); Toshihiro Takahashi (IBM) [Paper ID: 265]
Learning to Sample Hard Instances for Graph Algorithms
Ryoma Sato (Kyoto University); Makoto Yamada (RIKEN AIP / Kyoto University); Hisashi Kashima (Kyoto University/RIKEN Center for AIP) [Paper ID: 244]
Focused Anchors Loss: cost-sensitive learning ofdiscriminative features for imbalanced classification
Bahram Baloch (NUCES); Sateesh Kumar (NUCES); Sanjay Haresh (NUCES); Tahir Syed (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences) [Paper ID: 324]
Towards Governing Agent’s Efficacy:Action-Conditional β-VAE for Deep Transparent Reinforcement Learning
John Yang (Seoul National University); Gyuejeong Lee (Seoul National University); Simyung Chang (Seoul National University); Nojun Kwak (Seoul National University) [Paper ID: 53]
Cascaded and Dual: Discrimination Oriented Network for Brain Tumor Classification
Wenxuan Zhang (Nanjing University of Science and Technology); Dong Zhang (Nanjing University of Science and Technology); Xinguang Xiang (NJUST) [Paper ID: 206]
LADet:A Light-weight and Adaptive Network for Multi-scale Object Detection
Jiaming Zhou (Beihang University); Yuqiao Tian (Beihang University); Weicheng Li (Beihang University); Rui Wang (Beihang University); Zhongzhi Luan ( Beihang University); Depei Qian (Beihang University) [Paper ID: 344]
Separate Loss for Basic and Compound Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild
Yingjian Li (Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Shenzhen); Yao Lu ( Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Shenzhen); Jinxing Li (The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)); Guangming Lu ( Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Shenzhen) [Paper ID: 343]
Capsule Networks Need an Improved Routing Algorithm
Inyoung Paik (Deep Bio Inc.); Injung Kim (Handong Global University); Tae-Yeong Kwak (Deep Bio Inc.) [Paper ID: 240]
Efficient Learning of Restricted Boltzmann Machines Using Covariance estimates
Vidyadhar Upadhya (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore); P. S. Sastry (Indian Institute of Science) [Paper ID: 325]
Nuclei segmentation by using convolutional network with distance map and contour information
Zhengsheng Guo (Wuhan University of Science and Technology); Xiaoming Liu (Wuhan University of Science and Technology); Jun Cao (Wuhan University of Science and Technology) [Paper ID: 359]
Unpaired Data based Cross-domain Synthesis and Segmentation Using Attention Neural Network
Xiangkai Wei (Wuhan University of Science and Technology); Xiaoming Liu (Wuhan University of Science and Technology); Aihui Yu (Wuhan University of Science and Technology); Zhifang Pan (Wenzhou Medical University) [Paper ID: 364]
A Continuous Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning Approach to Flocking with Fixed-Wing UAVs
Chang Wang (NUDT); Chao Yan (NUDT); Xiaojia Xiang (NUDT); Han Zhou (NUDT) [Paper ID: 62]
Self-Supervised Deep Multi-View Subspace Clustering
Xiukun Sun (Beijing Jiaotong University); Miaomiao Cheng (Beijing Jiaotong University); Chen Min (Beijing Jiaotong University); Liping Jing (Beijing Jiaotong University) [Paper ID: 374]
Trust Region Sequential Variational Inference
Geon-Hyeong Kim (KAIST); Youngsoo Jang (KAIST); Jongmin Lee (KAIST); Wonseok Jeon (MILA, McGill University); Hongseok Yang (KAIST); Kee-Eung Kim (KAIST) [Paper ID: 385]
Active Change-Point Detection
Shogo Hayashi (Kyoto University); Yoshinobu Kawahara (Kyushu University / RIKEN); Hisashi Kashima (Kyoto University/RIKEN Center for AIP) [Paper ID: 382]
Gradient-based Training of Slow Feature Analysis by Differentiable Approximate Whitening
Merlin Schueler (RUB); Hlynur Davíð Hlynsson (RUB); Laurenz Wiskott (RUB) [Paper ID: 139]
Forward and Backward Knowledge Transfer for Sentiment Classification
Hao Wang (Southwest Jiaotong University); Bing Liu (UIC); Shuai Wang (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA); Nianzu Ma (UIC); Yan Yang (Southwest Jiaotong University) [Paper ID: 231]
Learning to Augment with Feature Side-information
Amina Mollaysa (university of geneva); Alexandros Kalousis (AU Geneva); Eric Bruno (Expedia); Maurits Diephuis (University of Geneva) [Paper ID: 111]
Functional Isolation Forest
Guillaume Staerman (Télécom Paris); Pavlo Mozharovskyi (Télécom Paristech); Stéphan Clémençon (Télécom ParisTech); Florence d’Alche-Buc (Télécom ParisTech) [Paper ID: 191]
X-Armed Bandits: Optimizing Quantiles, CVaR and Other Risks
Leonard Torossian (INRA-IMT); Aurélien Garivier (ENS Lyon); Victor Picheny (Prowler) [Paper ID: 124]
Forward-Backward Generative Adversarial Networks for Anomaly Detection
Youngnam Kim (Pohang University of Science and Technology); Seungjin Choi (BARO) [Paper ID: 403]
YOLODet: Fast and Tiny Object Detector for Autonomous Driving
Zhangjin Huang (USTC); fangjun wang (USTC); fangjun wang (USTC) [Paper ID: 302]
Stochastic Gradient Trees
Henry Gouk (University of Edinburgh); Bernhard Pfahringer (University of Waikato); Eibe Frank (University of Waikato) [Paper ID: 395]
Improving Relation Classification by Entity Pair Graph
Yi Zhao (Beijing Jiaotong University); Huaiyu Wan (Beijing Jiaotong University); Jianwei Gao (Beijing Jiaotong University); Youfang Lin (Beijing Jiaotong University) [Paper ID: 406]
Exemplar Based Mixture Models with Censored Data
Masahiro Kohjima (NTT Corporation); Tatsushi Matsubayashi (NTT Corporation); Hiroyuki Toda (NTT) [Paper ID: 257]
Variational Inference from Ranked Samples with Features
Yuan Guo (Northeastern University); Jennifer Dy (Northeastern); Deniz Erdogmus (Northeastern University); Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer (MGH/Harvard Medical School); Susan Ostmo (Oregon Health & Science University); J. Peter Campbell (Oregon Health & Science University); Michael F. Chiang (Oregon Health & Science University); Stratis Ioannidis (Northeastern University) [Paper ID: 267]
ResNet and Batch-normalization Improve Data Separability
Yasutaka Furusho (Nara Institute of Science and Technology); Kazushi Ikeda (Nara Institute of Science and Technology) [Paper ID: 71]
Unified Policy Optimization for Robust Reinforcement Learning
Zichuan Lin (Tsinghua University); Li Zhao (Microsoft Research); Jiang Bian (Microsoft Research); Tao Qin (Microsoft Research Asia); Guangwen Yang (Tsinghua University) [Paper ID: 215]
An Anchor-Free Oriented Text Detector with Connectionist Text Proposal Network
Chenhui Huang (East China Normal University); Jinhua Xu (East China Normal University) [Paper ID: 273]
Cell-aware Stacked LSTMs for Modeling Sentences
Jihun Choi (Seoul National University); Taeuk Kim (Seoul National University); Sang-goo Lee (Seoul National University) [Paper ID: 415]
G-UAP: Generic Universal Adversarial Perturbation that Fools RPN-based Detectors
Xing Wu (SunYat-sen university); Lifeng Huang (SunYat-sen university); Chengying Gao (SunYat-sen university) [Paper ID: 419]
Canonical Soft Time Warping
Keisuke Kawano (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc); Satoshi Koide (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.); Takuro Kutsuna (Toyota Central R&D Labs. Inc.) [Paper ID: 260]
Kernel Learning for Data-Driven Spectral Analysis of Koopman Operators
Naoya Takeishi (RIKEN) [Paper ID: 352]
Hyperbolic Ordinal Embedding
Atsushi Suzuki (The University of Tokyo); Jing Wang (The University of Tokyo); Feng Tian (Bournemouth University); Atsushi Nitanda (The University of Tokyo / RIKEN); Kenji Yamanishi (The University of Tokyo) [Paper ID: 391]
A New Multi-choice Reading Comprehension Dataset for Curriculum Learning
Yichan Liang (Sun Yat-sen University, China); Jianheng Li (Sun Yat-sen University, China); Jian Yin (Sun Yat-Sen University) [Paper ID: 295]
Learning to Aggregate: Tackling the Aggregation/Disaggregation Problem for OWA
Vitalik Melnikov (Paderborn University); Eyke Hüllermeier (University of Paderborn) [Paper ID: 397]
Geometry-Aware Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Intrinsic Dimension
Marina Gomtsyan (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology); Nikita Mokrov (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology); Maxim Panov (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology); Yury Yanovich (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology) [Paper ID: 399]
SDC-causing Error Detection based on Lightweight Vulnerability Prediction
Cheng Liu (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics); Jingjing Gu (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics); Zujia Yan (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics); Fuzhen Zhuang (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Yunyun Wang (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications) [Paper ID: 386]
Effective Sentence Scoring Method Using BERT for Speech Recognition
Joongbo Shin (Seoul National University); Yoonhyung Lee (Seoul National University); Kyomin Jung (Seoul National University) [Paper ID: 392]
Optimal PAC-Bayesian Posteriors for Stochastic Classifiers and their use for Choice of SVM Regularization Parameter
Puja Sahu (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay); Nandyala Hemachandra (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay) [Paper ID: 125]
From Implicit to Explicit Feedbacks: A deep neural network for modeling the sequential behaviors of online users
Anh Phan Tuan (Hanoi University of Science and Technology); Nhat Nguyen Trong (VCCorp Corporation); Duong Bui Trong (VCcorp Corporation); Linh Ngo Van (Hanoi University of Science and Technology); Khoat Than (Hanoi University of Science and Technology) [Paper ID: 416]
Self-Paced Multi-Label Learning with Diversity
Seyed Amjad Seyedi (University of Kurdistan); S.Siamak Ghodsi (University of Kurdistan); Fardin Akhlaghian Tab (University of Kurdistan); Mahdi Jalili (RMIT University); Parham Moradi (University of Kurdistan) [Paper ID: 316]
Latent Multi-view Semi-Supervised Classification
Xiaofan Bo (University of Electronic Science and Technology); Zhao Kang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China); Zhitong Zhao (University of Electronic Science and Technology); yuanzhang su (University of Electronic Science and Technology); Wenyu Chen (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China) [Paper ID: 202]
Self-Weighted Multi-View Clustering with Deep Matrix Factorization
Hong Yu (Dalian University of Technology); Beilei Cui (Dalian University of Technology); Tiantian Zhang (Dalian University of Technology); Siwen Li (Dalian University of Technology) [Paper ID: 263]
A Generalization Bound for Online Variational Inference
Badr-Eddine Chérief-Abdellatif (CREST); Pierre Alquier (RIKEN); Mohammad Emtiyaz Khan (RIKEN) [Paper ID: 276]
Fusing Recalibrated Features and Depthwise Separable Convolution for the Mangrove Bird Sound Classification
Chongqin Lei (CHONGQING UNIVERSITY); Gong Weiguo (Chongqing University); Zixu Wang (CHONGQING UNIVERSITY) [Paper ID: 347]
Software Component Prediction for Bug Reports
Wei Zhang (Adobe); Chris Challis (adobe) [Paper ID: 317]
An Articulated Structure-Aware Network for 3D Human Pose Estimation
Zhenhua Tang (College of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Shenzhen University); Xiaoyan Zhang (College of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Shenzhen University); Junhui Hou (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong) [Paper ID: 59]
Multi-width Activation and Multiple Receptive Field Networks for Dynamic Scene Deblurring
Cui Jinkai (Chongqing University); Li Weihong (Chongqing University); Wei Guo (Chongqing university); Gong Weiguo (Chongqing University) [Paper ID: 331]
Multi-modal Representation Learning for Successive POI Recommendation
Lishan Li (Tsinghua University); Ying Liu (Tsinghua University); Jianping Wu (Tsinghua University); Lin He (Tsinghua University); Gang Ren (Tsinghua University) [Paper ID: 224]
SPoD-Net: Fast Recovery of Microscopic Images Using Learned ISTA
Satoshi Hara (Osaka University); Weichih Chen (National Taiwan University); Takashi Washio (The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University); Tetsuichi Wazawa (Osaka University); Takeharu Nagai (Osaka University) [Paper ID: 283]
Improving Statute Prediction via Mining Correlations between Statutes
Yi Feng (Nanjing University); Chuanyi Li (Nanjing University); Jidong Ge (Nanjing University); Bin Luo (Nanjing University) [Paper ID: 284]
Realistic Image Generation using Region-phrase Attention
Wanming Huang (UTS); Richard Yi Da Xu (University of Technology, Sydney); Ian Oppermann (The Treasury) [Paper ID: 128]
Efficient Diversified Mini-Batch Selection using Variable High-layer Features
Wanming Huang (UTS); Richard Yi Da Xu (University of Technology, Sydney); Ian Oppermann (The Treasury) [Paper ID: 132]
Convolutional Neural Collaborative Filtering with Stacked Embeddings
Liu Han (Huazhong University of Science and Technology); Hailong Wu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology); Nan Hu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology); Binbin Qu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) [Paper ID: 288]
Minimax Online Prediction of Varying Bernoulli Process under Variational Approximation
Kenta Konagayoshi (Kyushu University); Kazuho Watanabe (Toyohashi University of Technology) [Paper ID: 81]
SPCDet: Enhancing Object Detection with Combined Feature Fusing
haixin wang (Beijing Institute of Technology); lintao wu (Intel Labs China); qiongzhi wu (Beijing Institute of Technology) [Paper ID: 122]
Prediction of Crowd Flow in City Complex with Missing Data
Shiyang Qiu (University of Science and Technology of China); Peng Xu (University of Science and Technology of China); Wei Zheng (Kehang Technology and Information); Wang Junjie (University of Science and Technology of China); Mingyao Hou (Kehang Technology and Information); Hengchang Liu (USTC) [Paper ID: 298]
Multiple Empirical Kernel Learning with Discriminant Locality Preservation
Bolu Wang (East China University of Science and Technology); Dongdong Li (East China University of Science and Technology); Zhe Wang ( East China University of Science and Technology ) [Paper ID: 67]
Multi-Scale Visual Semantics Aggregation with Self-Attention for End-to-End Image-Text Matching
Zhuobin Zheng ( Tsinghua University); Youcheng Ben (Tsinghua University); Chun Yuan (Tsinghua University) [Paper ID: 348]
Multi-branch Siamese Network for High Performance Online Visual Tracking
Junfei Zhuang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications & Beijing FaceAll Co); Yuan Dong ( Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Hongliang Bai (Beijing Faceall Technology Co.,Ltd); wang gang (srcb) [Paper ID: 252]
Learning Weighted Top-k Support Vector Machine
Tsuyoshi Kato (Gunma University); Yoshihiro Hirohashi (DENSO CORPORATION) [Paper ID: 304]
Multi-Label Learning with Regularization Enriched Label-Specific Features
Ze-Sen Chen (Southeast University); Min-Ling Zhang (Southeast University) [Paper ID: 222]
Adaptive truncated residual regression for fine-grained regression problems
Hirotaka Hachiya (Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, RIKEN); Yamamoto Yu (Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, RIKEN); Kazuro HIrahara (Center for Advance Intelligence Project, RIKEN); Naonori Ueda (NTT) [Paper ID: 336]
Multivariate Time Series Prediction Based on Optimized Temporal Convolutional Networks with Stacked Auto-encoders
Yunxiao Wang (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Zheng Liu (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Di Hu (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Mian Zhang (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications) [Paper ID: 106]
Surface Reconstruction based on Self-Merging Octree with Deep Learning
Jian Lv (North University of China); Xie Han (North University of China); Jiajie Zheng (North University of China); Fengguang Xiong (North University of China); Min Pang (North University of China) [Paper ID: 342]