Workshops will be held on the first day (November 17th, Sunday) in the conference rooms on the 11th floor. In the morning and the afternoon, there will be several workshops and tutorials being held concurrently. Workshop poster sessions will then be held from 16:00 to 18:00 on the 6th floor. (See the program for the schedule.)

Poster numbers are announced at workshop posters page.

Please note that the tutorial and workshop rooms have a capacity of around 100 people and it may not be possible to enter if the room is already full.

Note also that if you are making a presentation in a workshop, the submission deadlines are different. Please find details on the respective websites.

Morning Workshops

Workshop 1 (10:00-12:30): ACML2019 workshop on Machine Learning for Trajectory, Activity, and Behavior (ACML-TAB2019)

Workshop 2 (10:00-12:30): ACML2019 RIKEN AIP workshop

Afternoon Workshops

Workshop 3 (13:30-16:00): ACML'19 Weakly-supervised Learning Workshop

Workshop 4 (13:30-16:00): ACML 2019 Workshop on Statistics & Machine Learning Researchers in Japan