ACML 2019 Workshop on Statistics & Machine Learning Researchers in Japan

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In recent years, machine learning and data science have attracted explosive interest in Japan. These elemental technologies are spreading into fields that have been developed independently from ML such as medicine and material science, so interest from not only academia and tech companies but also other industries such as manufacturers becomes very high. Consequently, the number of participants in the Japanese domestic machine learning conference is substantially increasing like the top conferences.
This workshop aims to facilitate exchanges between all those interested in ML and DS in Japan and Asian experts who are active in these fields. The WS would be a great chance for sharing ideas and expertise among participants, encouraging industries or researchers in other fields to get suggestions and advices from ML experts, and also fostering connections and possible collaborations between Japanese and International ML communities. In particular, this time we will have a poster session and call for research presentations at all stages including emerging ideas, ongoing research, and research introductions that have already been published. Please make good use of this opportunity.