ACML2019 RIKEN AIP workshop

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The Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP), RIKEN was founded in 2016 as a research center for the MEXT-AIP Project. We have fully started our research activities in 2017, mainly in our newly opened Nihonbashi Office.

In the Center for AIP, we set up three research groups:

  • Generic Technology Research Group
  • Goal-Oriented Technology Research Group
  • Artificial Intelligence in Society Research Group

Together with various companies, universities, research institutes and projects, we are tackling the following five activities: development of fundamental technology, acceleration of scientific research, the solution to societal problems, analysis of ethical, legal and social issues of AI, development of AI researchers and data scientists.

This RIKEN AIP Workshop@ACML19 aims at introducing the forefront machine learning researches conducted at RIKEN AIP to ACML participants, and incurring fruitful discussions between researchers inside and outside of AIP about existing key progress and promising new directions. Topics of this workshop cover a variety of theoretical and applied researches, including deep learning, reinforcement learning, weakly-supervised learning, Bayesian optimization, AI for social good, AI for disaster prevention. Our workshop invites leading researchers from all three research groups and also hosts poster presenters with a wide range of perspectives and interests.