Accepted Paper: Improving Statute Prediction via Mining Correlations between Statutes

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Yi Feng (Nanjing University); Chuanyi Li (Nanjing University); Jidong Ge (Nanjing University); Bin Luo (Nanjing University)


The task of statute prediction focuses on determining applicable statutes for legal cases with the inputs of fact descriptions, which is crucial for both legal experts and ordinary people without professional knowledge. Existing works just consider the correspondence from facts to individual statutes and ignore the correlations between statutes. Moreover, charges of cases have associations with statutes. To address these issues, we formulate statute prediction task as a sequence generation problem and propose a novel joint generative model to mine correlations between statutes. By integrating statute prediction task and charge prediction task, we also make model learn associations between statutes and charges. Experiments show our model outperforms several baselines significantly and correlative statutes are predicted accurately.