Accepted Paper: Multi-modal Representation Learning for Successive POI Recommendation

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Lishan Li (Tsinghua University); Ying Liu (Tsinghua University); Jianping Wu (Tsinghua University); Lin He (Tsinghua University); Gang Ren (Tsinghua University)


Successive POI recommendation is a fundamental problem for location-based social networks (LBSNs). POI recommendation takes a variety of POI context information (e.g. spatial location and textual comment) and user preference into consideration. Existing POI recommendation systems mainly focus on part of the POI context and user preference with a specific modeling, which loses valuable information from other aspects. In this paper, we propose to construct a multi-modal check-in graph, a heterogeneous graph that combines five check-in aspects in a unified way. We further propose a multi-modal representation learning model based on the graph to jointly learn POI and user representations. Finally, we employ an attentional recurrent neural network based on the representations for successive POI recommendation. Experiments on a public dataset studies the effects of modeling different aspects of check-in records and demonstrates the effectiveness of the method in improving POI recommendation performance.