Tutorials will be held on the first day (November 17th, Sunday), in the conference rooms on the 11th floor. In the morning and the afternoon, there will be several tutorials and workshops being held concurrently (see the program for the schedule).

Tutorial slides will be avaliable online for conference participants (a password in the conference booklet is required).

Please note that the tutorial and workshop rooms have a capacity of around 100 people and it may not be possible to enter if the room is already full.

Morning Tutorials

Tutorial 1 (10:00-12:30): "Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision"

Tutorial 2 (10:00-12:30): "Towards Noisy Supervision: Problems, Theories, and Algorithms"

  • Room 1102 (11th floor)
  • Speakers: Ivor W Tsang (University of Technology Sydney), Bo Han (RIKEN)

Afternoon Tutorials

Tutorial 3 (13:30-16:00): "Machine Learning for Manufacturing"

  • Room 1101 (11th floor)
  • Speakers: Ryo Yoshida (Institute of Statistical Mathematics), Koji Tsuda (University of Tokyo)

Tutorial 4 (13:30-15:00): "Deep Learning for Conversational AI"

Tutorial 5 (15:00-16:30): "Text Representation Learning and Compositional Semantics"